Oil & Gas Exploration and Production in Powder River Basin
Rebellion Energy, LLC, is a privately held oil and gas company consisting of dedicated and passionate professionals.  It is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was assembled in early 2015 by a few “outside of the box” thinkers.  Rebellion Energy quickly formed a partnership with Natural Gas Partners (NGP), an energy capital management group who have been investing in the industry since 1988.
"It is fulfilling to work in an environment where anyone on any given day can both learn and teach, work hard and have fun, think strategically or get lost in a daily task, create something new or tear down something that wasn't working.  We all have so much to contribute!"
President & CEO
"At Rebellion we recognize the power and ability of a team is greater than the sum of its parts, that each team member can and SHOULD contribute across disciplines.  Rebellion nurtures clear communication and embraces technology to lower communication barriers and increase the flow of information across our business."
VP Exploration & Digital Strategy
"Our team cares about each other; we know each other’s families and spend time together as friends.  As leaders we are proud of the relationships that have been built over time.  We see the ripple effect as connections reach outside of the company and tie us to communities and beyond.   That act of caring reinforces our own humanity as it grows in diversity and perspective, making us better people in work and in life."
- Staci Taruscio, Founder & CEO
Rebellion remains focused on the delineation and development of unconventional resources.  Fundamental subsurface drivers are the priority and led the team to the 
Powder River Basin.
  Operational requirements and then land complexities are incorporated as the team works to verify timing and costs. With both sides of the economic equation captured, repeatability becomes the next step for both the Rebellion team and the Basin as a whole.