"Whether it is support for the arts and early child-hood education, promotion of diversity and equal opportunity, or the health and safety of the people we know and love, our Rebellion family wants to ensure that the influence we have on the areas in which we live and work is far more than oil and gas related."   

- Staci Taruscio, Founder & CEO


Whether it is surface disruption, subsurface operations, or other effects of our presence in the field, we understand that the work we do impacts the surrounding environment.  At Rebellion we work hard to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and strive to reduce associated risk.  We believe it is our responsibility to dedicate the required resources to return the environment we have affected to its optimal state.  Day to day, this may mean reclamation of a road or wellsite, disposal of hazardous materials, or minimizing freshwater usage.  Long-term we have partnered with the National Forest Foundation, planting trees to ensure the health of natural watersheds, increase the resilience of national forests, provide habitats for a diversity of wildlife, improve air quality, mitigate climate change, and so much more.


The health and safety or our employees, contractors and the community is paramount in all of our activities.  Rebellion takes a no-tolerance stance on safe, responsible, and respectful conduct across our operations.  As a company founded on people as its greatest resource, it is critical to first protect and then empower.  Rebellion contributes to various charitable organizations in our hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma and throughout Wyoming with an emphasis on early intervention and creating a diverse network of relationships.


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Rebellion values transparency and communication when reporting to its investors and stakeholders.  Our Board of Directors works to implement prudent management practices in the areas of audit, risk management and potential conflicts of interest.  It strives to align the interests of owners and managers via fair compensation and policy formation.  It seeks to comply with applicable national, state, and local laws where and when applicable and use ethical business practices at all times.